It takes a community

The American Red Cross of Eastern Pennsylvania is indispensible to the community. And because 90% of their workforce is volunteers, the community is also indispensible to them.

To inspire community support, the Red Cross came to Quattro. Our challenge was greater than activating volunteers: It was about transforming public perception. They are not primarily funded by government support, like most believe, but by community support. So the Red Cross doesn’t merely benefit from the community’s financial and volunteer support – they depend on it.

Regional statistics and poignant imagery made the
Red Cross's efforts real for their audience.

Everyday people
helping people
every day

Quattro launched the Eastern Pennsylvania Red Cross’s first regional branded campaign ever – pro bono.

People were the core of our campaign. We interviewed volunteers and disaster victims touched by the Red Cross to learn their stories, and worked hand-in- hand with our Red Cross partners every step of the way.

Simple and effective CTAs across the campaign defined a clear path for the community to take action.

We enlisted the familiar personas of the Red Cross’s leadership team to voice regional radio spots.

  • Everyday People
  • Everything
  • What Can You Do?

We produced a TV spot to remind viewers that the Red Cross’s impact is both powerful and close to home.

To help the helpers

The effort spanned the entire media landscape: radio, TV, outdoor, transit, digital, and social, reaching all of the 17 local counties the Red Cross serves, including the 4th largest media market in the country.

"I have bragged about Quattro incessantly and I show the work at every opportunity. You are amazing. I will never be able to thank you enough for this work. I hope you know what a difference you are making to the Red Cross and to our community.”

Judge Renée Hughes,
Chief Executive Officer,
Red Cross Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter

Learn more about Quattro Cares and our other pro bono efforts here.

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