A Haven for
First-Time Homebuyers

A Haven for
First-Time Homebuyers

Millennials are a huge segment with equally big homebuying potential. With the word “Google” stitched on their sleeves, they do their homework before making decisions, but feel overwhelmed by the home loan process.

We asked, "What if millennials had a single content hub to learn how to buy a home?" And, "How could you earn their trust in mortgage lenders after the 2008 market crisis?" For the answer, we created the Crash Course to First-Time Homebuying microsite for ditech, and millennials flocked.

Building a home for homebuyers

We wanted to create a destination for millennial homebuyers – a place where first-timers could find the tools and content they need to reach their goal of homeownership.

And we didn’t want to just address millennials. We wanted to create a buyer persona-driven experience to reach buyers whether they’re just starting or nearing the closing table.

Using content as a compass for first-time homebuyers

We developed content tailored to first-time homebuyers wherever they are in the decision-making process. When everything from saving tips to home loan options is at your fingertips, suddenly navigating the homebuying process looks much less impossible.

The art of making the complex simple

Design communicates a message. And to communicate the right message to the millennial audience, we worked closely with ditech to develop a fresh and powerful new brand.

Through icons, typography, colors, and photography, we sought simplicity. The clean and digestible design helped us translate our message: Buying a home can be just as simple.

Bringing it home

The Crash Course to First-Time Homebuying microsite is an award-winning experience. It has already attracted thousands of unique visitors to ditech’s site. But even more, its radical new vision has guided how we help shape our client’s ongoing content marketing strategy.

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