Reframing the Medicare experience:
The healthcare landscape has changed.

New technology. New regulations. New customer challenges.


Retiree Health Choices had an idea:

What if Medicare shoppers had a hub, where they could learn the ins and outs of Medicare, buy personalized plans, and know their out-of-pocket costs from the start?

We believed in their idea

And they believed in us to craft an experience for their EasyMedicareSolutions™ tool so consumers would believe in it, too.

Here's what we asked

+ Who are the people that would benefit from this tool?

+ What holds them back from using the tool once they get to the site?

+ How can we help them solve their problems fully, quickly and easily?

Then we got to work

We locked ourselves in a room with the stakeholders, and for hours we worked together with our client to drill down the challenge at hand. There, we laid the essential groundwork for everything that came next.


Through extensive research, we uncovered the users' challenges, their pain points, and their behaviors. The personas became our compass for crafting content and building an experience that resonated.

User Experience

We knew not all Medicare shoppers were the same, but research taught us that they also used the tool in different ways. So, we architected the experience to accommodate each unique persona and behavior.


In the healthcare world, trust is everything. We crafted the design and copy in unison to earn this trust, and then keep it.

EasyMedicareSolutions™, reborn: Simple. Trustworthy. Effective. A new experience for the new Medicare consumer.

"Quattro has gone above and beyond in creating a plan to launch our organization. They developed a strategy and then followed up with creative and implementation plans that are being executed beautifully."

Allen Steinberg, Co-Founder of Retiree Health Choices

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