What if accessing your credit card information was easier?

The average credit card holder owns about 4 credit cards.

Each card has its own account, benefits, security features, and rewards.

Untangle the challenge

US Bank offers 35+ credit cards. For their customers, that meant information overload. For US Bank, that meant opportunity.

So Quattro built the Knowledge Center: bringing together multiple stakeholders with multiple product lines, under 1 technology with 1 business goal.

Starting from scratch is both scary and wonderful

Great UX is about building the quickest route to information.

Developing mind maps helped us plot the most logical paths to benefits, security features, and account details. And in the end, more than 130 pages of content came together to sing in perfect organizational harmony.

Show people what they want to see

A streamlined user flow effortlessly leads cardholders where they want to go – all in one user-centric hub.

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